Thursday, 9 October 2008

Praca dos Camoes

There was some disruption to public services on 1st October. A good old fashioned day of action. Most of the buses at Cacilhas were parked in the bus station and some of the commuter trains were not running. For their part the Carris trams staged a pantomime at Praca dos Cameos.
1. When we arrived (on foot), it appeared that the trams were turning short rather than continuing to Prazeres - the point is set for the curve.
2. But it wasn't that simple. The next tram pulled into the loop, allowed another to pass it and then reversed back out again. To avoid pushing the fixed head trolley, the pantograph was used for this. Here it is back on the main line with both collectors on the wire. It moved forwards about two tram lengths like this before the pantograph was lowered.
3. All this shunting was in a busy square surrounded by impatient cars and vans.
4. Here are 5 trams wating enter Praca dos Camoes.
5. Here are 5 trams queueing on the far side.
The first of these pictures was taken at 13:41 and the last at 14:33 during which time there were no trams in the opposite direction. Shortly afterwards the 5 trams simply set off. We therefore suspect that it was some form of token strike by some drivers.

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Unknown said...

The name of this place is Praça Luis de Camoes. This was one of the most important poets in the Portuguese literature. With the use of "dos Camoes" it is indicated that Camoes are "things in plural". I have no idea what these things are anyway.
The overhead wiring on Praça Luis de Camoes, and on Graça too, are changed in such a way, that this shunting can be done with the use of the pantograph as this is easier than when the trolley pole is used.