Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Lisbon's new tramways

A completely new standard gauge tramway is being constructed on the south side of the Tagus in areas that were open countryside in 1978. It is not operated by Carris but by MTS (Metro Transportes do Sul). When complete it will be a 'Y' shaped network with services from Corroios or Universidade to Cacilhas. Corroios can be reached by the new cross river Fertagus commuter train service and Cacilhas by frequent ferry services from Cais do Sodre.
1 - 3. At present a service is provided between Corroios and Universidade but loadings are light whilst the buses to Cacilhas are heaving. The trams are new style Combinos.
4 - 6. Construction at Cacilhas.

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Unknown said...

This is not Lisbon, this is Almada. Calling Almada Lisbon is something like calling Birkenhead Liverpool.